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Levels of Facility Care

When looking at a facility option in Arizona, there are many types of facilities to choose from. The type of facility required is based on the physical and functional needs of the resident. Below is a breakdown of the facility types available and what they offer.

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Should Mom Still Be Driving?

Whether or not an elderly person should be driving is a question we are frequently asked. It is a very touchy subject and most children do not want to force the issue with their parents. Getting a drivers license is a rite of passage that most teenagers look forward to. Having to give up that license can be very difficult. It affects a person’s independence. When a person has to surrender their driver’s license, they suddenly are dependent on others to get around. Going to the grocery store, going to the doctor and even going out with friends can become difficult without transportation.

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How to Introduce a Caregiver

As our parents age, we are often faced with the reality that they are no longer able to safely care for themselves. This may be due to a physical imparity or a cognitive deficit. Unfortunately, many times our parents do not recognize their own deficits and believe they can care for themselves without assistance. So what do you do when Mom or Dad needs help and they are resistant to the idea? What if they refuse any help? These situations can be difficult for everyone involved. One option is to introduce a Certified Care Manager into the mix.

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