Can your loved one age in their home or do they need to move into a facility? This is a question so many families are faced with. The short answer is it depends. It depends on the care needs of your loved one, how much money there is to spend on care, the appropriateness of the house, and whether your loved one is a wanderer.

Almost anyone can stay home with enough care and other services to provide for their needs and keep them safe. The reality is that most families do not have unlimited funds. The question is can you afford the amount of care that your loved one needs to be safe in their home. In the beginning, it is often a few hours of care in the morning to help your loved one shower, dress and get ready for the day. As their needs increase, so will the amount of caregiving and the cost.

Something often overlooked is whether your loved one is getting the nutrition they need. Other people wander at night which means there needs to be an awake caregiver at night in addition to the daytime caregiver. A nurse care manager will figure out the needs of your loved one, has access to the resources required to keep your loved one safe and manage their long-term care needs.