February is the month where we celebrate love and this month we wanted to share two special stories.

Kevin & Mary
Kevin and Mary met in 1972 in Dubuque, Iowa, while working together. The couple dated for a few years before getting married. Kevin still talks about what a joy it is being married to the love of his life. During their time together they lived in Florida for a few years, and eventually moved to Colorado. While together, Kevin built a retail farming business and Mary was a social worker for the state. Their life was full of adventure and sightseeing; they loved going into the mountains and exploring. In 2000 their journey took them to Arizona, where they are today.

In 2017, Mary was diagnosed with dementia and Kevin took on the role of being her caregiver. Up to the task, Kevin learned how to care for his wife, and with the help of caregivers, they did well. Eventually Mary started wandering and Kevin realized she needed to be in a secure setting for her own safety. By the end of 2022, Mary moved into memory care, and Kevin moved into assisted living in the same facility. Being together was important, and this allowed the two of them to spend most of the day and every meal together. Kevin missed sleeping in the same bed as his beloved Mary, so recently he moved his bed to be with Mary in memory care at night. He keeps his assisted living apartment as somewhere to take a break from it all. Kevin is having a hard time watching the love of his life for the past fifty plus years wither away as her dementia progresses. Mary still knows who he is, and still remembers the “olden days” they spent together. Nowadays they find themselves reminiscing about the past. The two are still in love and holding hands. Kevin has told me he doesn’t know what he will do when Mary passes, but for now, they will spend as much time together as possible.

Alfred & Debbie

Alfred and Debbie have been together “forever” according to Debbie. They recently moved to Arizona to be near family. Alfred has dementia and lives in memory care and Debbie has mild cognitive impairment and lives in assisted living at the same facility. Alfred does not like to be alone and calls for Debbie on a frequent basis. During the daytime, Debbie spends her time in memory care at Alfred’s side. They hold hands and talk about the past. He still calls her by his pet name for her and she still fusses with him. They banter and laugh, and it brings a smile to everyone who sees them together.

These special stories of love have created memories for these couples and their families. Wishing all of you a happy month of love as you enjoy building memories with those you love!!