Mrs. Jones is an elderly woman who lives alone in her home. One day she walks out to get the mail, falls and is unable to get back up. Her neighbor calls 911 and the paramedics transport her to the hospital. The hospital treats her bumps and bruises and determines there are no broken bones. They ask Mrs. Jones where she lives, and she cannot remember. The hospital social worker is called in. Working with the medical team, it is determined that Mrs. Jones has dementia and is unsafe to be discharged back home alone. A search for family turns up empty. The social worker checks Mrs. Jones’ wallet and finds a business card with a note that states to call in case of emergency. The social worker contacts the person named on the business card and learns that they are Nurse Care Manager, and they have the contact information for her Medical Power of Attorney (MPOA), whom she previously nominated. The Nurse Care Manager brings her medical history and advanced directives (which were already on file in case of an emergency) to the hospital and meets with the social worker and Mrs. Jones to determine an appropriate discharge plan. It is decided that Mrs. Jones cannot be left alone due to her risk of falling, her impaired memory and her lack of insight and judgment. Working with the MPOA, the Nurse Care Manager arranges for 24-hour care to stay with Mrs. Jones in her home until an appropriate facility can be selected and Mrs. Jones can be safely relocated.

This is one example of how a Nurse Care Manager can provide assistance and value to a person in need. In this situation, Mrs. Jones was proactive and planned ahead for the unexpected. Mrs. Jones is a widow and did not have any family that she could rely upon in an emergency situation. While she was still legally able to do so, she selected a Nurse Care Manager and a MPOA to take care of her should she ever be in a situation where she was not able to take care of herself. This proactive planning ensured Mrs. Jones would have someone there to look out for her best interests and arrange for the care she required when she was unable to do so for herself.

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